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National Donor Sabbath Bulletin Announcements

Thousands of Americans are in need of vital organs and tissues. Sadly, 18 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.  For many, the chance to live a full life will not come unless more of us consider organ, … Continue reading

Celebrate National Donor Sabbath Weekend

November 9-11, 2012 Each year on National Donor Sabbath Weekend, members of faith communities throughout the country participate in a nationwide effort to increase the number of people signed up on state donor registries. All major religions in the United … Continue reading

All Major Religions Support Organ and Tissue Donation

When choosing whether or not to be an organ and tissue donor, many people consider their religion’s official views on donation. Every major religion in the United States supports organ and tissue donation as a compassionate gift. Here are some … Continue reading

Daisy, Donor Sabbath, and Pikuah Nefesh

From the Jewish Press By Joey Hoffman In May, 2006, my then-three-year-old daughter Daisy’s liver failed. She was instantly put on the transplant waiting list for a small bowel, a liver and a pancreas. I learned quickly the potential risks … Continue reading